Our Mission

The WOW ( World Of Wellness International Limited ) is a not for profit organisation.

It has been established to represent the health, wellbeing and peaceful interests of people everywhere.

The WOW will also work to retain our health sovereignty by education, research, disease prevention, early treatment and public and government relations.

The WOW will ensure that Australians are safe and protected by a voice for choice in healthcare and the delivery of medicines.

The WOW is dedicated to the retention and improvement of human rights and free will for everyone including the right to full and informed consent and  the individual’s autonomy over medical procedures free of coercion and other forces.

Our History

World of Wellness is a registered Not for Profit Organisation.

It was started after the Australian government mandated an experimental, gene-based product for all Australians.

No other treatments were recommended, and natural therapies to boost immunity were ignored. 

The use of vitamins and healthy diet to build up the immune systems have been consistently proven to be effective. However these options are discouraged in many hospitals, and have received minimal coverage in the media recently.

Dr Ian Brighthope has over 40 years experience in lobbying for reform of the pharmaceutical dominated medical industry, starting with developing new health policy.

He believes that both pharmaceutical and natural products should be widely available and affordable.

Our Policies

The following are the Principles upon which the design of the Best Health Policy will be constructed

We oppose the ability of our democratically elected leaders to:

Discriminate against and hold back, retard and/or interfere with the transformative changes required in health education, health research and transitional clinical, innovative and diverse practices.

• Allow un-elected bureaucrats, including those employed nationally and those of the WHO, who have never treated a patient, to exclusively determine health policy.

• Deny the voices of all healthcare professionals, not just the medical voices, in the determination of policy and treatment.

• Take exclusive control of every aspect of the media. • Claim to be the single source of truth.

• Use taxpayer money to fund 24/7 propaganda.

• Refuse to debate matters that impact the entire nation.

• Pit family members against each other, neighbour against neighbour, school child against school child, doctor against doctor and communities against communities.

• Promote the ‘dobbing in’ of Australians who choose a different path.

• Use mandates to ignore the rights of individuals to choose, and then actively punish those who refuse.

• Coerce Australians to submit to a medical intervention, under threat of losing their jobs.

• Ignore the Hippocratic Oath (First Do No Harm) or other promise sworn by doctors, and threaten doctors who practice medicine based on this.

• Use money, food, ice creams, bouncy castles and other enticements to bribe Australians to submit to a medical intervention.

• Use force and bullying to lock down Australians.

• Destroy thousands of livelihoods and businesses across Australians through unproven policies that ignore the real science and common sense.

• Fail to collect crucial data on adverse events and deaths associated with medical therapeutics.

• Ignore the massive collateral damage created by their draconian policies, including many suicides, and countless patients unable to access treatments for cancers and other life-threatening illnesses.

• Fail to disclose all risks associated with a medical intervention.

• Favour costly, unproven, experimental medical interventions over safe, cheap, proven and effective treatment options.

• Perpetuate a 100% pharmaceutical bias when it comes to medicines.

• Actively discredit and disallow safe and effective treatment options, while refusing to listen and act upon advice from doctors, non-medical health professionals and scientists who support them.

• Promote the exclusive use of medical products, without fully assessing them for safety and efficacy.

• Ignore the need to have mandatory reporting of injuries and deaths following any medical intervention.

• Refuse to accept the reporting and recording of adverse reactions to, and deaths from, medical interventions, including emergency use authorisation drugs, that the reasonable person would regard as an adverse reaction or death attributable to the intervention.

• Fail to support the best of research into the prevention of serious infectious disease with nutraceuticals and repurposed medicines

• Fail to educate the public on self preservation and disease prevention

• Fail to account for and act upon the economic and environmental impact on health and the incidence of disease.

• Divert taxpayer’s dollars to multinational pharmaceutical companies when cheaper and more effective lifestyle changes will prevent disease and disease progression.

• Overlook or ignore the massive waste in resources, human, financial and material in the current disease care system; resources that are more deserving of the poor and needy.

• Ignore the critical needs of the people for a decentralised network of qualified integrative specialist primary care clinics and doctors and qualified healthcare assistants, apps, websites, compounding pharmacies and integrative hospitals that provide personalised, preventive, predictive and predominantly natural healthcare and, when appropriate, medicines and treatment.

• Understate and minimise the role of health optimisation using natural modalities.

Medical advice disclaimer

Disclaimer: this website does not provide medical advice.

The information including but not limited to text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only.

No material on this site is intended to be suitable to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatments.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regime.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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