Letters sent to Australian public officials

Russell Broadbent MP for Monash – letter to the Hon Mark Butler MP asking for advice on how to manage vaccine injuriesdownloadable pdf

Letter with references (links) sent to Nicola Spurrier Acting as Chief Public Health Officer SA Health, by Mark Neugebauer 

Sent 30th September 2022


Articles addressing vaccine injuries

Amy’s death by Phillip Altman, Pharmacologist and Clinical Trial and Drug Regulatory Affairs Consultant with more than 40 years experience. BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD.

Covid-19 Vaccines – an Australian Review – Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology. (Summary of paper by Steve Kirsch).

Positive Correlation between the Number of Vaccine Doses and Infant Mortality – Orthomolecular News.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies – Global Research

Safety signals for 770 triggered from the VAERS data – Steve Kirsch.

Confidence through censorship: The (medical) Ministry of Truth – Kara Thomas (AMPS), The Spectator

mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients and Cause Myocarditis in Up to 1 in 27, Study Find – Latest study from Switzerland.

Analysis of Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness claims in Australia – a report prepared by People for Safe Vaccines Limited 8 February 2022

The Time of Covid -a report by Phillip M. Altman, BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD

Exposing Censorship

Exposing the Military Medical Industrial complex

The famous Spartacus letter – “I am Spartacus and I’ve had enough”.

ICENI bulletins – Substack blog revealing Covid-19’s origins. 

Sasha Latypova – a pharma and medical device executive helping track the origins of Covid 19 and the mRNA injections

Karen Kingston – a pharma and drug patent expert revealing the science and intentions behind the mRNA injections.

Jikkyleaks – ‘the whistleblowing lab mouse’. A Twitter account revealing extensive harms caused by the the mRNA injections and both pharma and governments involvement in coverups.

Dr Phillip Altman – a retired pharma expert with decades of experience in clinical trials who writes about anomalies in the mRNA injection manufacturing and rollouts.

Dr Robert Malone – the original inventor of mRNA technology who writes about the overturning of all safety signals, pharmaceutical and medical standards with the mRNA injection rollout.

Supporting Doctors facing Threats

WOW wishes to publicly support Dr Chetty in his fight against the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Admitting Government mistakes

Public Enquiries and Exposes

The Lockdown Files – is a series of articles published in the UK Telegraph. They cover the scandels of ‘Midazolam Matt’ Hancock and his leaked messages on WhatsApp. Topics include care home deaths, lockdowns, testing, school closures and face masks.

Infected blood enquiry

The UK is currently holding an enquiry into previously healthy people becoming unwell or even dying, due to being given blood containing the spiked protein, without their knowledge or consent.

Natural Immunity versus Vaccines

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