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Professor Ian Brighthope was recently interviewed by the World Council for Health.

He gave an overview of his long career healing sick people by giving them adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. He discussed the AIDS crisis, his realisation of the importance of nutritious food and a healthy immune system and and his vision for the future of healthcare.

World of Wellness is a coalition partner of the World Council for Health.

There is a better way

Professor Ian Brighthope has been at the forefront of advocating for using vitamins and minerals to treat medical conditions for over forty years. 

Despite astonishing success in treating unwell people, many hospitals don’t study these treatments or allow their patients to experience them.

Our core values

Health - making sure people know how to maximise their own health with natural treatments, not promoting disease classifications and a lifetime of drugs.

Education - Giving people information about the importance of natural immunity, naturopathic treatments and good diet.

Reform - Working with political and industry leaders to stop industry capture by multinationals and bring back medical independence.

Helping Doctors expand their practices

Moving to natural therapies is a natural extension of chronic disease management, in conjunction with mainstream modalities.

Connecting people with wholistic family medicine

The biggest question people have is where do I find a family Doctor who won't just push pharmacy drugs?

Lobbying for the rights of Australians to choose natural therapies

You pay for Medicare with your taxes. You should have the right to access the type of health services you want.

Educating government and industry leaders

Explaining how to cut health budgets while increasing the effectiveness of treatments. Creating a new paradigm for healthcare in the future.

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Professor Ian Brighthope speaks regularly on zoom

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Latest news

"The Therapeutic Goods Administration - TGA, did not check patent level clinical trial data, for the mRNA vaccines."
Maria Zeee speaks to Professor Ian Brighthope about the dangers of untested medicines, and the need to reorientate medicine back to good diet and vitamins
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Australian Covid trial is seeking participants

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine is excited to let you know that Expressions of Interest are now open for our new trial:

The Alliance Long COVID-19 Treatment Trial

Development of a 2-stage neutraceutical treatment protocol for adults with long-COVID-19 syndrome, exploring underlying pathophysiology and treatment effectiveness


The website link:


For Expressions of Interest, please go to the Long-COVID-Trial online Questionnaire:


The trial is registered with the ANZCTR clinical trial registry.


Australia health and community resources

Data on mRNA vaccine injuries

There has been a 691% increase in excess deaths among European children
Since the Covid vaccines were mandated.
Just 5% of Covid vaccines cause 100% of deaths and serious injuries
Dr Mike Yeadon, former Vice-President of Pfizer calls this 'unprecedented'.
The triple vaccinated now account for 91% of COVID Deaths
According to UK data published in September 2022.
1 in every 99 Covid vaccinated children
Require Emergency Care or hospitalisation
More people have died or been injured from the Covid vaccines
Than all the other vaccines combined, since records of vaccine injuries have been kept.
Based on VAERS data
New Zealand researchers calculated a range of 81.9 percent to 91.2 percent spontaneous abortions in women who get injected with the Covid vaccine before 20 weeks gestation.

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The last two years has been very complicated. That’s why reading a well researched book is helpful.

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Vale Olivia Newton John

Olivia was a lifetime supporter of natural therapies and funded a number of groups including the Olivia Newton John cancer and wellness centre in Austin Health, Melbourne.

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