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National Institute of Integrative Medicine

Clinic address 21 Burwood Rd Hawthorn, VIC 3122

ACNEM directory

Medical and healthcare practitioners in Australia and New Zealand who have completed the ACNEM Foundation Modules of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, and who are current members of the College.

Whole Medicine

A wholistic medical clinic in Rosebud Victoria, Australia.

Mind Medicine Australia – a charity that lobbies to expand the treatment options available to medical practitioners to include psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Natural therapies

Drip IV Australia – A mobile intravenous vitamin service.

Infusion IV Australia – Sydney based vitamin infusion service.

Natural Therapy Pages

Over 15,000 Doctors and natural therapists listed from across Australia.

Vitally – a NSW clinic offering a range of natural therapists, health products and online information.

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS )

Australian NaturalTherapists Association (ANTA)

Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA)

Freedom Telemedicine Services USA

The Wellness Company – Founded by Dr Peter McCullough, a telemedicine service offering independent medical advice and promoting a quality range of vitamins and minerals. 

GoldCare – Removing conflict of interests between Doctors, Governments and Private insurers, focused on wellness not sickness, telemedicine and growing number of clinics, concierge medicine model.

My Free Doctor – a low cost telemedicine service for USA patients.

Telemedicine and Medical Directories Australia

Rosemary Health – Telemedicine for Doctors and pharmacists.

SeekMedi – a Directory of Medical specialists, surgeons and natural therapists that lists their costs.

SwiftDoc – Telemedicine platform.

GP2U – Telemedicine service.

PSYCH2U – Telepsychologist service.

Doctors on Demand – Telemedicine service.

Docto Online – Over 1oo medical specialists available online. Platform designed specifically for rural Queenslanders.

Chinese Doctors – For Chinese speaking patients and Doctors.

Atlas Medical Concierge Service – Gold Cost, Queensland.

The effectiveness of vitamin D

Vitamin C

Doctor, your septic patients have scurvy!Critical Care, 2018.

COVID-19 poor outcomes in patients with zinc deficiency. – International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2020.


COVID-19 poor outcomes in patients with zinc deficiency. – International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2020.

Medical cannabis

Protocols for treating long covid and mRNA injection injuries

Overseas protocols by medical and health organisations

Vaccine injury treatment guide your roadmap to recovery – Truth for Health Foundation – downloadable pdf

Zelenko protocol – Covid 19 treatment protocol – downloadable pdf

McCullough protocol and vitamins from The Wellness Company

Spike protein detox guide from the World Council for Health – leaflets to download

Compilation of detox protocols – Protocols to help health the vaccine injured – downloadable pdf

Dr Paul E Marik – Sepsis protocol – downloadable pdf

Boost your immune system

Advice and products to buy

C, D & Zinc – the tri-nutrient protocol for covid.

Professor Ian Brighthope

ZStack – Dr Zev Zelenco’s products

World Council for Health

The Wellness Company – 

Dr McCullough and Dr Reich have started a new health company.
Journey of Intrinsic Health – Dr Zach Bush MD.

Download the WOW pamphlet

Resources for your hospital admission

Advanced Care Planning in Victoria

Click the image, go to the Mind Map document, open up pages of interest and adjust the size by selecting the desired percentage.

Explaining the mechanism of injury from Covid 19 injections

Personal stories of injuries

C19 Vax reactions – Real stories of Americans injured by the Covid 10 injections

How bad is my batch? – a large amount of data by Craig Paardekooper on vaccine injuries

All the Goss – a blog publishing Covid injection deaths and injuries from government databases around the world.

Jab Injuries Global – stories of vaccine injuries from around the world.

Open VAERS – a site that allows easy searching of vaccine injures from the USA Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

Real not Rare – a large database of people from around the world discussing their vaccine injuries.

Experts investigating these deaths and injuries

Covid19 Internet Information Freeway – Links to medical and scientific experts discussing Covid and the injections.

Totality of evidence – Research links to significant events leading up the the 2020 pandemic.

They lied people died – Edward Dowd an ex Blackrock fund manager has just written a book explaining the data showing a huge spike in deaths and injuries after the injections were mandated.

Steve Kirsch on Substack – a tech entrepreneur who confronts health bureaucrats with data proving serious Covid 19 injection injuries.

Naomi Wolf on Substack – a feminist and tech CEO delves into the vaccine war against women and children waged by bad actors in big tech, big pharma and the CCP.

Daily Clout – A team of researchers have been investigating the Pfizer documents released under Court Order.

Craig-Paardekooper – a scientist who has researched the different rates of deaths and injuries in different batch lots of the injections.

Spartacus on substack – scientists discussing the links between defence groups, intelligence organisations, the weaponisation of bio technology and private NGO’s.

Unconditional Jessica – a scientist delving into the causes of Covid 19 injection injuries, on Substack.

Dr Robert Malone – the co founder of mRNA technology talks about lack of safety standards, medical censorship, industry capture and a takeover of health by unelected billionairs.

Community and family advocacy groups

Mum’s Across America – 

Aiming to educate and empower mothers to create healthy families and communities

Vaccine Decisions

Judy Wilyman has been studying vaccines since 1993 when she vaccinated her first child. She set this site up to help the public  make informed decisions.

Employment/workplace issues

Letter for practitioner administering Covid injection, to serve liability, in the case of mandates. This clarifies the issue of valid consent because coercion renders the injecting practitioner liable. 

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