The World of Wellness International invites you to one of the most useful training courses available today in the area of health.

The key focus of this Course is in the role vitamins and nutrients play in preventing and treating serious health conditions. In particular, vitamin C has health benefits ranging from boosting the immune system to aiding in the treatment of critical illnesses.

That’s why at WOW we are excited to offer a training course on the benefits and actions of
Vitamin C and High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C together with other Intravenous Nutraceuticals.

This Course is aimed at educating both health care professionals and the general public.



5 hours CPD

Dates to choose from:

Time: 10am – 4 pm

Location: Melbourne (details upon sign up)

Cost: $80.00

Lunch: Included.


Jun26th -Vitamin C IV Pro Training Course - Duplicate

1 Day Certification: Monday 26th June 2023

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