Why go organic?

The incidents of chronic disease is rising across rapidly. People are getting sick at a younger age. Rates of human infertility are skyrocketing.

The causes of this human sickness is the same as the causes of insect and animal deaths.

  • Heavy use of farm pesticides
  • Poor quality food that results from corporate farming and soil deletion
  • Ever increasing exposure to electromagnetic waves like 5G and mobile phones
  • Overhead spraying of chemicals and heavy metals as part of weather manipulation or ‘cloud seeding’
  • Fluoride and excreted pharmacy drugs allowed into the water supply
  • Gene editing vaccines that contain hydrogels, graphene oxide and mRNA are now being heavily promoted by governments across the globe.


What can ordinary people do?

Use a quality filter to clean up your drinking water. Do your best to buy quality organic foods. Take vitamins that help detox your body from heavy metals and unwanted chemicals. Reduce your use of mobile phones and exposure to 5G towers. And boost your immune systems with Vitamins D, C and Zinc.

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