World of Wellness is an independent organisation. We are privately funded from individual donations and paid services.

We do not represent the political agendas of big government or the profits of global corporates.

A holistic approach to health. Boosting natural immunity. Refocussing from ‘sickness’ to ‘wellness’.

We want a million Australians to join us lobbying politicians and industry leaders for reforming in health policies.

Join our mission to transform Australia’s ‘sick’ system from an overpriced and pharmacy controlled industry. Instead we want to develop a community based ‘wellness’ program, that focuses on boosting natural immunity and empowerment about health and lifestyle, by education.

By becoming one of Australia’s most powerful lobby groups and developing an education program that is easily accessable and demystifies health.

We are aiming to be part of the political and corporate landscape, shaping decisions and giving all Australians the right to access natural therapies via Medicare.

Yes, and very successfully.

Dr Ian Brighthope has started a number of very successful organisations which are still active, promoting integrative health. These include –

The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

The Australasian Integrative Medicine Association

Brighthope Health International

Nutrition Care Research and Education

This organisation will be a thriving hub of resources for the community to access conveniently, with the ability to make private referrals to other wellness consultants.

We are here to promote the global movement towards natural therapies, with links to best practice from science and medical groups.

We aim to separate health from politics, return trust to the best practices of medicine and to prevent bureaucrats from interfering in the patient Doctor relationship.

We believe that in the future Australians will take more control over their own health decisions.

And the already popular wholistic therapies community will grow to become the largest sector in healthcare, with Medicare rebate available.

World of Wellness International Ltd 2022