Who are we?

World of Wellness started in 2022, after Australians endured two years of the longest lockdowns in the world. We now have a committee of dedicated people who have worked in the health sector, or who are passionate about health reform, safety standards and accountability.

Our team includes health practitioners and health entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds.

Professor Ian Brighthope

Professor Ian Brighthope has worked his lifelong interest in the natural sciences for over 50 years. Firstly in agricultural science, then medicine followed by nutritional, environmental and herbal medicine. His career has included education, research , teaching, mentoring and the establishment of post-graduate health and medical organisations, clinics and International businesses related to health. The foundation of the World Of Wellness International is the culmination of a dream to change the way that medicine is practiced and the best of true health and wellbeing is delivered in a more peaceful world. The people of The WOW will deliver these ideals.

Josephine Deany

Jo trained as a Critical Care and Palliative Care nurse. Her interests include philosophy, history and bio-ethics. She plans to further her studies in various counselling and related psycho-spiritual healing modalities.

Delia Scales

Delia originally completed a Bachelor of Arts, then retrained as a Cert IV nurse. She went on to completed the Bachelor of Nursing Science at Melbourne University, Grad Cert Neuroscience and transition to ICU. She founded Wikihospitals, a blog about consumer health technology.

Trish Doyle

Trish has a Bachelor of Nursing, Grad Certificate in Cardiology and many years experience working in critical care. She is currently involved with community health as well as being a member of and volunteer for the Liberal Democrats party.

Susan Klohk

Susan is a business owner and a Health and Wellness Coach. She specialises in social media Sales and Marketing. Susan has a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Maria Sangiorgi

Maria is has a Advanced Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy and is a Functional Analysis Body (Somatic) Psychotherapist. She is a relationship coach, Facial Flow Massage Therapist, group facilitator and teacher with a background in Visual, Textile and Performing arts. She is a founder, trainer of Functional Analysis Australia and Intervision Supervision.

David Fitts

David has held a lifetime interest in healing and wholeness and believes that the Body/Mind/Spirit axis is the cornerstone to the foundation of total wellbeing; his early training was in the area of Psychology and Sociology where he gained a BA (Psych) and Grad Dip Applied Psych which led him on a career path firstly as a counsellor within the Juvenile Justice System, then as a Corporate Human Resources Manager. A trip to the USA where he saw the benefits of diet and mineral therapy improve the lives of juvenile offenders inspired David to return to study where he gained his Naturopathic qualifications and went on to establish his own private practice. In the following years he founded the Australian College of Natural Medicine and held the position of National President of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association.

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